June 29, 2011

Nolan Comic Characters

I'm thinking of creating a comic (most likely a web comic) that involves my character Nolan, and I decided to draw out some of the characters in the story.  I still need to develop my ideas, but I'm eager to attempt drawing a comic :)

June 23, 2011

X-Men: First Class

I recently saw the movie, X-Men First Class, and I absolutely loved it! :) It was awesome :) I decided to draw a fanart after it in a newer style. The pic includes Xavier, Magneto and Mystique. It was fun working on this pic while listening to the X-Men First Class soundtrack on YouTube :) Enjoy!
X-Men First Class (c) 20th Century Fox
X-Men (c) Marvel
Pic by me :D

June 20, 2011

Rick: The Man of Some Expression

I decided to try out a different drawing style and viola! :) Here is Rick, a character I made up while sketching :) I'm thinking of making a comic involving my character Nolan, and possibly Rick. Enjoy!

June 13, 2011

The Island

I was watching the 2005 Michael Bay movie called, "The Island," and I decided to draw a fanart after it :) Great movie, but really poorly advertised when it came out. Enjoy! :)
The Island (c) Warner Bros. and Dreamworks
Art by me