January 25, 2012

I Am a Man

Quick and quirky drawing I drew for fun :) Enjoy!

Gressenheller University's Finest

Yet another Professor Layton fan art :) I thought it would be fun to draw him in my new retro style for practice. Enjoy!

Professor Layton belongs to Level 5

fanart by me

January 24, 2012


Some of my friends asked me to draw them :) It was a lot of fun to go through their facebook photos for reference. Enjoy!

Lazy Afternoon

I wanted to practice drawing in my new retro style some more, so I drew this for fun :) Enjoy!

Winter and Coffee

Morning drawing I drew for fun :) Enjoy!

January 23, 2012

Waiting for the Right Time

Drawing that was inspired by the song "Midnight City" by M83 :) (That song is so awesome!) I wanted to practice drawing a car, as well as making my characters more shape driven. Enjoy! (The kanji on her shirt is "midnight" in Japanese)

January 21, 2012

Hipster Nolan

Drawing of my character Nolan dressed as a hipster. For some reason I really like drawing hipsters...I think it's the clothes. Enjoy!

Just Chillin

I've been wanting to draw a "what I wore today" drawing for the longest time, and here it is! I'm still practicing drawing in a more retro style, and I found that it's actually easier for me to draw this way. Style-wise, I was inspired by Kevin Dart (I absolutely love his artwork!) Enjoy! (If you're wondering what I'm wearing on my feet, those are my Psych pineapple slippers)

January 20, 2012

Mismatched Love

Another quick drawing from today :) I wanted to practice drawing characters interacting together, as well as incorporating story. Enjoy!

One of Those Days

A quick warm-up I drew of a woman from the 1940s while listening to the song "New York City" by Among Savages.  I'm still experimenting drawing in a more "retro" style. :) Enjoy!

January 19, 2012

Professor Layton Randomness

From the title and the characters drawn, you can tell what game I've been playing recently :). I am not really big on video games, but I just can't put this game series down! I love the puzzles, the animation, and the cute character designs in the game. If you like brain teasers that mess with your head, then you should play it ;) Enjoy!

Professor Layton, Luke, and Clive (c) Level 5

fan art belongs to me

January 13, 2012

Working Hard

More sketches from my sketch book :) I really like drawing people with big jackets since the sleeves are fun to draw. Enjoy!

January 12, 2012

From The Sketch Book

Some sketches from my sketch book :) My goal for this year art-wise is to try drawing more full body poses rather than just heads all the time. Enjoy!

Up and Away!

I've wanted to draw a 1920s pilot for the longest time, so I finally decided to draw one :) I'm trying out a different style and coloring technique for a more "retro" look. Enjoy!

January 11, 2012

Nervous Nellie Sketches

Some quick sketches of my character Nervous Nellie :) Enjoy!

Project H Sketches

Here are some sketches of my character Leo and Shayna from "Project H" (the color scripts I have been working on). Enjoy!

January 10, 2012

Sketchbook Finale

This is the last page of my current sketch book :) (yeah! I can start a new one now!) I'm working on sketching using more flow lines in order to make my drawings more loose. Enjoy!

Tintin Randomness

Another set of Tintin sketches from my sketch book :) I like drawing some fan art time to time, since I can try out different styles and drawing techniques with existing characters :) Enjoy!

Tintin belongs to Herge
fanart belongs to me

January 8, 2012

Anne and James

Late night sketch of Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy from Becoming Jane :)

Becoming Jane belongs to Miramax

Project H Color Scripts Page 2

Here are some more color scripts I did for practice for "Project H." I wanted to work more on lighting and environments, as well as the mood of the overall scene. I might do more of these to develop the overall story. Enjoy!

January 5, 2012

"Project H" Color Scripts

Here are some color scripts I did for practice :) I was inspired by The Art of Pixar art book, which is filled with incredibly amazing color scripts, and I decided to practice drawing some of my own. These were done with a gouache brush I made in Photoshop. I might do some more just for fun. Enjoy!

January 4, 2012

Human like You

Some more drawings based off of some drawings I drew yesterday :) I'm still practicing drawing guys with some muscle definition, as well as utilizing lighting more to create a certain mood. I might try doing more with these two characters, story-wise, just for fun :) Enjoy!

Climbing Walls and Taking Names

Here are some drawings I did based on the set of sketches I drew yesterday :) She is supposed to be an "alien girl" who lives in the future. I wanted to practice drawing more dynamic poses and lighting to create more of a story for my characters. Enjoy!

January 3, 2012

Little Talks Castaway

Here are some late night sketches inspired by the songs "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men, and "Cosmic Castaway" by Electrasy. :) I wanted to try drawing a guy with some muscle definition just for practice, even though he's still on the skinny side. The couple at the top is Caroline and Rick. Enjoy!


I decided to do a semi-gouache painting of my character Thunder, since I already did one for Lightning :) I also wanted his costume to include a cloak since I think cloaks look cool :) Enjoy!


Since I haven't drawn in five days, I decided to do some quick warm-up sketches for fun :) I thought it would be fun to draw someone escaping from a futuristic holding cell. Enjoy!