October 30, 2011


This is another character I'm thinking of including in my web comic Clean Sweep :) It's of Caroline, the love interest of my character Rick. I wanted to try doing some more pencil brush inking in Photoshop for fun. Enjoy!

October 29, 2011

Young Nolan

This is a drawing I did of my character Nolan from my web comic Clean Sweep but younger :). I also tried using the pencil brush in Photoshop to ink, and it was a lot easier to control than using the regular round brush.  I think I'm going to use this style of inking when I get back to drawing my web comic (eventually....) Enjoy!

October 28, 2011

Sketch Time!

Here are some character studies I did for my web comic Clean Sweep (minus the third one). The top one is of my character Allan, and then the second one is my character Averill. The last one is a character I wanted to continue developing from my Ice Cream Love drawing. Her name is Mint Chip and she provides all of the chocolate chips for the plain mint flavored ice cream in the world. Enjoy!

Rick's Worst Nightmare

Before I start, I honestly have no idea whatsoever where this idea for this drawing came about.  So last night when I was sketching I thought it would be interesting to have one of my characters, in this case Rick, somehow fall into a sticky, gooey, plasma substance and have a hard time getting out of it.  I wanted to create a story around Rick's situation for practice. Enjoy!

October 27, 2011

Rick and Caroline

This is a quick sketch I did to test out my new scanner, and it is BIG! Anyways, this drawing is of Rick trying to court Caroline, a character I'm thinking of including in my web comic :) Enjoy!

Ice Cream Love

Mint Chip and Strawberry go hand in hand :) Well, at least in this drawing :) I wanted to get back to doing more pastel and chalk drawings and I thought this would be cute. Enjoy!

October 25, 2011

Digital Wonderland

Here are some drawings I did in photoshop to experiment with a new brush and style :) I think I'm gonna stick with my ink style, which is the style of the second drawing, for more personal stylized character design style choice.  After taking a break from my web comic, I've been able to work out different issues I had in the storyline, and now I like it a whole lot better :) I made Rick more of an involved character rather than in the background all the time. Enjoy!

October 21, 2011

Sketching Randomness

Some sketches I did for fun in Photoshop :) I thought I might as well sketch more of my character Nolan for practice since I've been mainly sketching my other characters, Robert and Penelope recently. I slightly changed Nolan's hair, but for the most part his overall hair shape stayed the same. I also decided to get some hand sketching practice in just for kicks :) (all done without reference too!) Enjoy!

October 20, 2011

Sketch Palooza

Some sketches I did in one night to relax :) I also wanted to test out using my grey tombo marker to shade my sketches. Enjoy!

October 18, 2011

Penelope and Robert Doodle

I wanted to try drawing Penelope and Robert in my other drawing style just for fun :) Robert is holding Penelope's love letter to him :) Enjoy!

Plugged In

Here's a doodle I did to test out a new brush in photoshop. I honestly have no idea where the idea for this drawing came from...even to me it's bizarre. Enjoy!

Clumsy Penelope

Another sketch of my character Penelope :) I wanted to try doing more costume gesture drawing for fun, and viola here it is :) Enjoy!

October 14, 2011

Penelope and Robert

I wanted to do more character studies of characters set in the Victorian-era :) These characters are the same ones as in my previous post, just more defined. The movie The Prestige definitely got me hooked on the Victorian era :) Enjoy!

October 13, 2011

A Victorian Love Story

As in the previous post, I recently watched The Prestige, and now I am in love with the Victorian-era :) I wanted to try testing out just sketching with a pen and using tones for fun. Initially I just sketched the first page, but I thought it'd be fun to make a story out of the couple, as in an emotional story.  I might want to do more with these characters, or somehow integrate them into my current webcomic or make a separate one based off of them :) Enjoy!

Victorian Sketches

I finally got around to watching the movie The Prestige and I got inspired to draw some Victorian-era characters. I love the hairstyles and the intricate clothing of that time period since it's very classic looking. I also tried experimenting with pushing my style to be a little more angular and to do more shading. Enjoy! :)

October 11, 2011

Quick Sketches

Here are some really quick sketches I did :) The princess on the bottom is not supposed to be Cinderella, but after I finished drawing the character I realized that she looked like her. Enjoy! :)

October 8, 2011

Short Hair Nolan Animation

Yep :) Yet another animation I did in Photoshop. I wanted to try experimenting holding a pose for a longer amount of time to get better timing. All done in about 45 minutes. Enjoy!

October 7, 2011

Nolan Run Animation

Yep :) Here's another Photoshop animation! This one is of Nolan running away from someone :) This is the first time I've ever incorporated a background :) Enjoy!

October 6, 2011

Squirrel Animation

Another animation I did to test out animating an animal :) He's waving around a nut if you're wondering what the squirrel's holding :) Enjoy!

Janice Test Animation (with Sound!)

Here's another animation I did :) It's of Janice from my web comic Clean Sweep. I recorded my voice for the test and then looped it in. Enjoy! :)

October 5, 2011

Fun Sketches

Just some random sketches I did for fun :) It's part character sketches and part life sketches, and plus there's Kliftaloon, the magical old timey bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas from Phineas and Ferb within the sketches :) Enjoy!

Phineas and Ferb (c) Disney Television Animation
Other sketches belong to me

October 4, 2011

Rick Animation Test

Here's another animation I did for fun in Photoshop :) It's supposed to be of Rick saying "Fine!" in response to being given an assignment he doesn't want. Enjoy! (Rick is a character from my web comic Clean Sweep)

Cool Girl

I had time to spare, so I decided to practice some more sketching in Photoshop :) I think I'm going to start drawing in this sort of style just for fun to help with getting flow in my drawings :) Enjoy!

October 2, 2011

New Girl

Here's an after dinner sketch I did for fun in Photoshop :) I just watched the pilot of the new show on Fox called New Girl, and I absolutely loved it! It's so funny :) This sketch is based off of Zooey Deschanel's outfit that was featured in the show. Enjoy!

New Girl belongs to Fox Network Studios
Drawing by me

October 1, 2011

Those Summer Days

I am on a different style roll! :) I wanted to try creating a character that had flow incorporated into her design, and viola! here it is! Hope you guys like it and Enjoy!

Realism Attempt

I wanted to get some practice in drawing more "realistic" looking drawings and I sketched these based off of ref from music videos on my itouch :) Hope you guys like and Enjoy! :)