April 19, 2014

AOI Sketches

Random sketches of a story that I might want to pursue for fun as a webcomic. (Hopefully it'll be more consistent than Clean Sweep.......that ship has sadly sailed and crashed...) This story basically revolves around a digital AI tech named AOI who is trying to learn about her place in the world. Enjoy!

April 4, 2014

Story Sketches Update (AKA Dusting off Blogger)

Ok, so since I haven't really updated in a long LONG time, I decided to do a massive post update of a mixture of Instagram and regular sketches. I've been pushing myself to do more sharpie sketching and story centric drawings. I've seen some improvement in my drawings over the past few months, and I'm happy about it. :) Enjoy! (My next update won't be for a while most likely since I've been rather busy these last couple months)