May 23, 2014

Hiro and Baymax

Big Hero 6 fanart because I am seriously SO READY for this movie. I watched the teaser trailer and started fangirling like crazy. Hiro and Baymax awww yeah

Big Hero 6 belongs to Disney
fanart belongs to me

May 21, 2014

Big Hiro

Sketch from today since I'm SUPER pumped for the new Big Hero 6 trailer that's comin out tomorrow. Hnnngggggg. I can't draw Baymax, but Hiro is fun to draw :) 

May 15, 2014

Cardigans and Floating Blue

Sketch warm ups from today. I apologize to my followers for mainly postin Instagram photos as opposed to finished works and sketches. These Instagram sketches help keep me goin artistically. Also allows me to be more willing to experiment with new techniques to push my art forward.

May 14, 2014

Sketch time

Some more recent sketches. What whaaat! For me personally, I've been noticing some improvement in my drawings recently. Usually I don't talk a lot about my artwork, but I just wanted to say an observation. I've been in a bad art slump, and I'm happy that even in my art rut I'm making some art that I like. Plus I've finally trained myself to draw from the shoulder which has helped to prevent my tendonitis from flaring up. Okie that's all. Enjoy! 

May 3, 2014

Expressions Studies

Some late night expressions studies. Man I need to do more of these........ Between compositions and expressions, my expressions need the most work (and comps...both need work) Anyways, I'm planning on doing these sort of exercises more often to improve my skills. Enjoy! (and on another notes I'll hopefully post more here. I've kinda forgotten about blogger for a bit...)