February 24, 2011

CSSSA Application

This year I'm applying to CSSSA, which is the California State Summer School of the Arts (wow that's a mouthful!), and I wanted to feature some of the assignments I had to complete for the application.
Assignment A: Drawing showing what makes you unique :) (I am a Christian, I do Irish dance, I like TV, movie scores and movies, and my favorite food is bread) 

Assignment B: Drawing of a subject that interests you. I really like movie scores, and I was inspired by the song, "Define Dancing" from the Wall-E soundtrack, and I imagined the two as humans dancing together.  he he hipster Wall-E ;)

Assignment C: I had to create a flipbook at least 25 pages showing my understanding of movement.  It's actually from the beginning of my new storyboard sequence that I'm working on :)

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