June 25, 2012

Thoughts on the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show

Well last Saturday I went to the Six Seasons and a Movie art show and it was awesome! :) I was so amazed at all of the incredible art that was featured, and just being able to see all of the uuber talented artists there. Plus, I got to meet Yvette Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Erik Nielsen and "da da da DAA" Dan Harmon! Everyone was so chill and very nice, and I acted like a giddy fangirl when I met them (he he....yeah....) Anyways, thank you to the Pixel Drip gallery team for putting on an incredible art show to honor Community and to Mark Batalla who created the art show, bringing Community fans together. :) #Six Seasons and a Movie and long live the awesome show Community!

(look! it's my art piece! :D )

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