July 6, 2012

Gravity Falls

I really, really, really like Gravity Falls. It's so quirky and cute, and I love all of the mystery in it! :) Enjoy!

Gravity Falls belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch
fanart belongs to me


  1. Beautifull drawing and great use of colors ...

  2. Wow your art is really adorable! Really, I skimmed through your blog and it's fantastic.

    Have you ever considered getting a tumblr account? It's very similar to a blog site, but I think your art would get way more attention through an account there. It's a great way to share things.

    Just a suggestion, though!

    1. Aww :D Thank you! I actually do have a tumblr where I also post my art, but it also has a lot of fandom-related and animation content.