August 18, 2012

Japan 2012

 Hi guys! :) I recently got back from a trip to Japan, which was absolutely awesome! I loved every minute of it, and just being able to experience the culture, weather (it was so hot!), and talking to the people of Japan. I sketched a lot during the trip, and I wanted to do a giant sketch dump to show all of them at the same time :). I really want to go back to Japan someday (I love it so much!). Enjoy!

 (Draw aboard 舟[boat])

 (Drawn at an 温泉 [hot springs])

 (The Japanese in this drawing is  あつい [hot] and man was it hot and humid!)

 I really enjoyed sketching in Japan :) (the Japanese says "I love Japan!")

 I was able to wear a 浴衣 [cotton kimono] while I was in Japan, and I was inspired to draw a character wearing one :).


  1. Awesome sketches!! Wow, you got to wear a kimono! Lovely! I really wanna visit Japan someday. Lucky girl! College trip or with family?

  2. Thank you! :D It was a lot of fun :) I went to Japan on a church youth missions trip :)