November 18, 2012

CTN Thoughts and Gesture Sketches

Hi everyone! :) Wow! CTN was incredible and such a memorable experience! I've never seen so many animators in one place at once, all coming together for their passion for animation.  Everyone was really nice and extremely easy to talk to, and I loved every minute of the convention. Plus you could feel the creativity overflowing throughout the convention floor. Very inspiring in every way. I really want to go next year, and now I am more inspired than ever to work on my portfolio, and remembering to have fun creating art. Thank you to everyone at the convention for being awesome and nice! Here are some gesture sketches I drew at CTN in the Atrium hall area, and also during Dave Pimental's gesture drawing workshop (so much fun!) Enjoy!


  1. These are amazing! It was a pleasure meeting you!!

    1. Thank you! :'D It was so awesome getting to meet you two! You guys are so nice! Best of luck in everything you do! :)